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myBlog – Keep your car in good shape.

With all that’s going on in the world at the moment and most of us only venturing out for basic shopping needs and essential work, a lot of us won’t be using our cars for prolonged periods. We definitely won’t be heading put on long journeys or we shouldn’t be.

To keep your car in good shape here are some good tips so your car will be good to go when you need it and hopefully we are back to normal.

1. Protect it from the elements.                                                                                                                         

The obvious one to keep your car in good shape is to park your car it in a garage if not a good quality car cover will do.

2. Clean the car before storage.                                                                                                                       

This might seem odd but it will prevent grime from damaging the paintwork. Also clean the tyres and wheels as these can hold onto grease and brake dust can corrode the wheels. Give the car a good wax if you can’t put the car in garage or cover it as this will help protect the paint.

3. Clean the interior.                                                                                                                                            

Bacteria can build up in a car if it is left for long periods leaving visible mould on surfaces like the steering wheel and hand brake. Make sure you wipe down surfaces with a damp cloth with a gentle soap and dry off afterwards. Also you will need to vacuum and wipe down fabrics to stop them going musty.

4. Keep an eye on the mechanical side of the car.                                                                                      

Don’t store the car with the handbrake on (if you can) especially if it will be left for more than 30 days, use wheel chocks to stop the car from moving. Also keep on top of tyre pressures as this will stop the tyres forming flat spots. Fill the tank to stop condensation as this will prevent water in the fuel system. Attach the car to a battery conditioner, this is different from a regular charger as it simulates the use of day to day driving. If you haven’t got one start the car once every two weeks, this will keep the battery charged and help the oil circulate the engine.

I really hope that this blog has been helpful. It really is important to keep your car in good shape whilst it isn’t doing many mile. For more tips I recommend watching Harry’s garage on YouTube: