In 2035 the UK government will ban the sales of all new Petrol, Diesel and Hybrid cars. Older cars will still be able to be used but till when. This means if you want to buy a new car it will most likely be an Electric car and run on battery power.

At the moment if you want an Electric car with nearly the same range as a small family hatchback you have to pay upwards of £40,000 pounds where as a new Ford Fiesta will set you back £15,000 and have a range of 500 miles or more. No doubt as car manufacturers come out with new and better technology the range of battery powered electric cars will increase.

There is another problem that will need addressing and that is charging. A Tesla Model 3 takes 22hrs to charge from a 13amp UK socket. If you have a 7kw fast charger at home it will only take 5hrs, both these figures are from when the car is completely flat. If, however you pull into one of Tesla’s own network of fast charges found all over the country, to charge it to 80% only takes around 40 mins, which isn’t bad. Again all these figures will improve vastly as technology does but will it ever be as quick as filling your tank.

Well there is an alternative. Hydrogen                                                                                                         

Hydrogen cars have been around for a while now with most of the big German manufacturers experimenting with hydrogen powered fuel cells in their cars. Honda have gone one further and have been selling the hydrogen powered Honda clarity in California since 2008. The advantage of a hydrogen powered vehicle is you can fill the tank in 5mins and have a range of 350 miles, a lot more like a conventional powered vehicle. The downside to a car powered by hydrogen is the production of the hydrogen itself. It takes a lot of energy to extract the hydrogen to use it as a fuel and unless this comes from an eco-friendly source it defies the point of having the car in the first place, mind you this could be said of the electricity to charge your battery powered car. We don’t know which energy source will be powering cars of the future it certainly seems at the moment to be leaning towards battery power. One thing is for sure the roads will be a lot quieter so make sure you look both ways when crossing the road.

If anyone is thinking of buying an electric car I recommend watching these two you tube videos from Harrys garage on everyday use in the real world..