In our recent blog, we touched upon the recent tragedy of Caroline Flack.

This article made me start to think about my children, and the impact social media has on children in general…I thought that it might be interesting to put a few questions to my 10 year old son!

This isn’t a lengthy blog, but hopefully one that will be insightful and provide a good insight as to what our children are thinking.

Question 1: What do you think Social Media is?

I think Social Media is a place on the internet where people can communicate to each other.

Question 2: What social media do you use?

I use instagram, What’s App, Messages and Google.

Question 3: Why do you use social media?

I use it because it is a way to connect to other places from inside ,it can be so helpful – I also use it to speak to my friends..

Question 4: How often do you use social media?

I use it every now and then to find stuff out and speak to friends.

Question 5: What do you think the benefits of social media are?

I think it is a great way to communicate to people maybe on a rainy day.

Question 6: What do you think downside to social media is for kids?

Kids can easily get addicted to games and that can have a negative impact on their lives because of the violence in that game. Also you can get cyber bullied which is a type of internet bullying.

Question 7: What positive things has come from social media in your life?

I only have one, and it was being told i was a mascot for a cricket world cup match in 2019.

Question 8: Do you think parents should be concerned about you using Social Media?

Yes, because of stranger danger, a kid could want to meet a stranger anywhere and anything could happen.

Question 9: What are your overall thoughts on social media?

I think social media is good, but also bad because of the risks that come with it.

So to summarise this little social experiment, i’m quite confident that this little chap has a fair idea of what Social Media is about to an extent – What is interesting is the appearance of a crossover between the usual Social Apps, and that of gaming, and interacting whilst playing online games, which for a 10yr old boy is very appealing.

From a parents perspective, my main concern is the Playstation! Most recently, the dilemma being the need for a headset for gaming – “How can i talk to my mates if i don’t have a headset?” Resolution was to buy a USB speaker! So although it can be annoying, i can at least hear what is going on.

I guess it all comes down to trust, and making them aware of the danger, and mainly, always talk and ask questions if they don’t understand.

NB. It was only this week i noticed a £15 addition to this 10yr olds phone bill – Yes, a 10yr old has a phone (with a heap of security on it!) – Transpires that this was an in-app purchase, and the phone provider didn’t apply the zero spend cap! Kids hey!

Why not ask your child these questions, and see what they come up with! Post your responses below!