Social Media – The Downside…

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Too many views, too many opinions, too many comments, too many needless deaths.

Yesterday we learned of the tragic passing of Caroline Flack. Another human being sadly gone before their time. It’s so sad to think that someone gets to a stage in their life that they feel the only option for them is to take is their own life. Did she have people to turn too? Yes…Did she speak to these people? Probably, yes…Could they have done more? No one knows, but i feel for her poor friends and family who like many other friends and families of victims of suicides battle with these questions every day for the rest of their lives.

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The hard facts of suicide…

Suicide statistics are scary, and over the last couple of years have risen as a whole. There are many factors that can result in someone taking their own life, but the recent loss of Caroline Flack made me wonder about the impact that Social Media as a medium of communication has on our younger generation. EVERY human-being can make another’s life hell, seriously, anyone – Back in the day, If you were that way inclined, and had the front to face up to someone and tell them they are ugly, fat, tall, short, then you could – Chances are you would have gotten a smack! What was that i hear you cry – Accountability for ones actions?! wow!

Roll back 20 years ago and face to face confrontation was really the only way you could send such cock’ish messages..Now with the power of the internet, our ability to be shameful idiots/keyboard warriors is right up there. I mean, I could just turn this blog into a tirade of abuse targeting anyone – But why? What would i get out of it? Nothing, because thankfully i’m not that way inclined.

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Being a father of 2 young children not even in high school scares me, it really does. ALL of these trends are going the wrong way, and the rapid increase of suicide in young girls from 2013 is terrifying. As mentioned at the top of the blog, there are many reasons that people take their own life – But I really can’t help but feel social media as a source for online bullying is right up there with the reason why young people are taking their own lives – School no longer finishes at 15:05 for these kids being bullied, their day of torture continues through the night until school starts again the next day….And repeat…

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Celebrities are human, not targets…

Flipping now to Celebrities – Watching a very brave documentary by Little Mix star, Jesy Nelson just outlined the shear nastiness of these types of people online. We are all guilty of putting celebrities on a pedestal, and with the Z-list celeb culture stemming from the Big Brother days has turned many a youngster into an overnight star. Now, like you, i can probably count on 1 hand the names of these folks who came out of that house in Middlesex (?)…Oh, hang on – NASTY Nick (TV Celeb according to Wiki!)…Remember him?! Can’t remember why he was nasty, but hey, some person gave him that nick-name (sorry!) regardless of their profession, and I for one, can only remember him by the negative tag another human being gave him…Thinking about it, was he called that after another human-being referred to the rebellious character from Eastenders as NASTY Nick!?

Wrapping this up now, i really hope that something positive comes from this tragedy, unlike the tragedies before Caroline’s death. Lot’s of people have come out calling for change in the media (written/online) – I just hope that whatever comes from it, people start to respect each other more – We are only visiting this planet of ours, smile at each other, ask people if they are ok, hug your loved ones, and tell them you love them.

Most of all, just be kind.

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